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International Movers - Customs Guide

Customs department is an agency put up by the government of that particular country, which controls the arrival and departure of goods from that particular country. In addition, customs even charge duties on goods that enter in the country.

The customs department separates the traffic of incoming passengers in two channels namely the green and the red channel based on the goods they carry. When you travel or move to a new country it is important to have knowledge of these channels, if you want to clear your goods from the customs department.

International Movers & Customs Norms

The things that you carry with you in your hand luggage may have to pass through customs. You have to declare every item you are carrying. If you carry items that are illegal, then you will pass through the Red channel. You will move through Green channel, if you carry the items, which are legal to carry.

 It is advisable to make a list of all the items that you carry. You will go through Green channel quickly and easily, if the items you carry satisfy the law of customs department. If you made a false declaration of items, which are illegal, then you may be prosecuted. A fake declaration to customs department of any country is against the law and may put the concerned person behind bars.

 The goods that you ship with the help of international movers via boats or airplanes in containers may pass through customs department in the same manner. However, there are certain extra things that may help your imports to pass quickly and easily. These imports may require certain documents or certificates for verification. One of these documents and certificates is Shipper’s Export Certificates (SED). Shipper’s Export Declaration is the declaration of items that international movers pack in your old country. This verifies the list of items in containers. International movers need to have this document with them, while clearing.

 Imports, which are against the security of that country do not have any kind of permission to enter and may be shipped back to the country from where it came. You may get all the rules of your new country’s customs on the Internet. In addition, you may receive additional information from international movers regarding the rules of customs. Professional international movers have experience of handling customs issues quite well.

 In short, international movers will provide you the best advice and ways to get your goods cleared quickly and easily.


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