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International Movers - Planning An International Move

Steps involved in international moves are the same as that with domestic moves. It is not a good idea to seek online quotes from international movers. Whichever company you select, it has to approach you in person, with the brochures on international location, wherein you need to move in. There has to be a necessary paperwork and the moving company has to make some special allowances.

The customs department separates the traffic of incoming passengers in two channels namely the green and the red channel based on the goods they carry. When you travel or move to a new country it is important to have knowledge of these channels, if you want to clear your goods from the customs department.

Planning Strategy:

An initial step has to be selecting a mover, who is capable of arranging moves in an uninterrupted manner, free from legal hassles. It has to ensure a safer move right from the origin to destination. Most of the international movers might only help you by moving goods between ports. Under this circumstance, it becomes your responsibility to carry forward the goods from the port to the place of residence.

Quotes with international movers include packing and unpacking of items called as house-to-house service. Any experienced international mover needs to possess the following pre-requisites:

  1. See to it the mover has at least ten years of experience in the moving industry.

  2. The moving company needs affiliation with concerned organizations.

  3. International movers need to possess the necessary registration.

  4. An experienced mover needs to have Overseas Movers Network International (OMNI) rights.

  5. It needs to have ISO 9002 certification. 

Things to avoid:

It is not possible for international movers to ship most household items such as, foods and plants. It is also necessary for the movers to inform you about not carrying prohibited articles such as ammunition, firearms or liquor. Such articles require fulfillment of necessary customs obligations. Next, procedure and costs importing automobiles differs from each country and is many a time, a costly job.

In most countries, moving of pets is strictly forbidden. Even if they do allow, you require producing entry permit or rabies certificates as for moving the pets internationally.

Payment option

Many international movers call for payment immediately on loading of goods. You may visit the office for paying after verifying actual weight of goods and the service charges. Post payment, you may expect the shipment’s release. If you fail to make prompt payment, the goods may rest at the port and attract cost of storage all at your own expense.


International movers fix the relocation costs according to the weight of goods. The costs include ocean and air transportation charges too. Many shipments are in 20 or 40 foot containers. They do not include the storage charges, appliance servicing, liability coverage and custom duty.


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