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Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements when you are relocating abroad would not be complete if you do not finalize the bank of your destination country, where you will deposit, transfer or withdraw money from while you are engaged in a profession. Life can get extremely incapacitated if your bank arrangements are not in order prior to your departure for another country. The first place to start looking for a good and friendly bank is your own bank in your home country. Ask them for a recommendation for any partner bank which they may have, or their overseas branch, if it is located in the same city of your relocation. If you are relocated by your employer, they may be able to advise you in this area.

Though all credit cards are termed ‘global’, it is recommended that you have a new credit card while operating in a new country. In case you decide to use your old credit card, you might have to pay extra amounts for the difference in currency values. Additionally you might have to pay extra fees when you decide to use your old credit card. As and when you open a new bank account in the new country, you can request bank and credit references. Opening an account with a global financial institution makes more sense as then cash privileges are readily available. The most important thing to remember is that there are no limitations to the amount you can transfer from one financial institution to the other.

After finance, health is another area which should deserve your critical attention while you are going ahead with your travel arrangements. The consular offices may help you with all the health documentations required in the new country of destination. Ensure that your immunizations or vaccinations records are up to date before you leave for the foreign country. A list of English-speaking doctors in foreign countries is available from the local US consulate or embassy. Here are some useful tips for handling health matters for you and your family, which should be part of your overall travel arrangements:

-         A thorough health and dental check up is necessary for you and the members of your family.

-         For minor health problems, take a first-aid kit as part of your luggage.

-         You need to pack additional packs of all medications that you take regularly, as they may not be available readily in your new country of destination

          You get more      time therefore to locate the nearest pharmacy.

-         You and your family may not be covered with your current health insurance. So you need to do some research whether you can continue with this policy or

          need to locate another provider in the host country.


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